Hi! I’ve performed in Egypt, Dallas, Seattle, and communities across Canada from Calgary to Lunenburg, and I’m lucky to have extensive performing, training and teaching experience! For example, I performed at a birthday party for world musician and percussionist Hossam Ramzy in 2015. I also performed in Dallas during Egyptian superstar Randa Kamel’s intensive course in 2014, and studied with her again in Toronto in fall 2016. From Hadia to Jillina, Raquia Hassan to Khairiyya Mazin, I’ve been fortunate to train with world class performers and musicians.

My philosophy is that every woman is beautiful when she dances. My classes emphasize having fun and experiencing the friendship of the dance community while building the dancer’s self-confidence and technique.

My mission is to impart the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and ethics that are vital for the next generation of instructors and performers. To this end, I offer performance opportunities to my students and other dancers and host innovative, collaborative events, such as the annual Shiver & Shimmy dance show in Regina.


Classes in Regina


April 4 – June 6, 2022 (excluding April 18 and May 23)

Glencairn Neighbourhood Centre, 2626 Dewdney Avenue East, Regina

8 Sessions for $64.00 + $5 annual membership fee payable with your first registration

Intermediate Belly Dance – 7:30-8:30 pm

The intermediate class builds on the basics and introduces the students to more challenging technique and a wider range of folkloric dance styles from Egypt, North Africa, and the Middle East. Footwork, isolations, shimmies, and traveling steps become more complex, and students begin to focus on props such as canes and veils. They also practice leading, following, and improvising. Performance skills are introduced, as the intermediate class usually performs a choreography once or twice a year.

Depending on the kinds of props, dance styles, or choreography taught, students may need to purchase costumes, coin belts, or props such as veils. Dance shoes, such as jazz sneakers, are highly recommended.

Advanced Belly Dance – 8:30-9:30 pm

The advanced class is a performing group called Raks Azhar that focuses on performance skills, advanced technique, and a wide range of props and belly dance styles, including folkloric dances from Egypt, the Middle East, and North Africa. Raks Azhar performs at events such as Barbara’s annual Shiver & Shimmy show, the Regina Association of Middle Eastern Dance show, and Cathedral Village Arts Festival. The class size is limited so that Azura can focus on coaching and feedback; not to mention the fact that only so many people can fit on a typical stage! Anyone with previous belly dance experience who is interested in joining should contact Azura.

Fall Session – Monday evenings, generally from third week in September to end of November – 10 Sessions for $80.00*

Winter Session – Monday evenings, generally from third week in January to end of March – 10 Sessions for $80.00*

Spring Session – Monday evenings, generally from first week in April to beginning of June – 8 Sessions for $64.00*

Class details can be found in the City of Regina Leisure Guide under Zone Board and Community Association Programs – East Zone – Dewdney East Community Association (DECA)
Online registration opens about two weeks before the start of classes through the DECA website, or contact Azura.
* DECA annual community membership valid starting August 31

Please note that Beginner’s Belly Dance is offered by Annissa and class info can be found on her page.