Zena has been doing Fat Chance Belly Dance® (FCBD®) Style (formerly known as American Tribal Style or ATS) belly dance since 2003 and teaching since 2011.

Zena’s formative experiences in Ukrainian dance (Poltava Ensemble) and taekwon-do have given her a foundation of physical movement and strength and have informed her aesthetic approach to dance. These have since been supplemented by classes in Egyptian style belly dance, bhangra, kathak, Cuban salsa, taiko, and karate.

Zena has taken a variety of belly dance workshops with Sonia, Kami Liddle, Sahira, Lava, Cera Byer, Lisa Zahiya, Lisa Hyde, Mira Betz, and tribal fusion pioneer Rachel Brice. She has also taken FCBD® Style-specific workshops with Sandi Ball, Megha Gavin, Devi Mamak, and FCBD® Style creator Carolena Nericcio.

FCBD® Style is performed as group improv. Classes will impart a solid foundation of both the “fast” and “slow” movement vocabularies, the concept of “cues” and the importance of communication among dancers, familiarity with follow and lead positions, a sense of musicality, and an introduction to zilling, in a non-judgmental environment that supports learning and is body-positive.



Zena is located in Regina, but you don’t have to be to take this class!

Wednesdays @ 7:30-8:30 pm