azura-cvaf-parade-2016azura-veil-frame-ben-checkowyAzura has performed in Egypt, Dallas, Seattle, and across Canada from Calgary to Lunenburg. She’s danced on a cruise ship on the Nile, during theatre performances with Juno-nominated musician Pavlo, and a birthday party for renowned composer Hossam Ramzy. She performs in restaurants, at weddings and family reunions, for fundraisers, at gala events, and everywhere people gather to celebrate culture, community and the love of Middle Eastern music and dance.

Azura was the featured artist at festivals in Gravelbourg and Moose Jaw. A strong supporter of multicultural events, she loves dancing at festivals and community events where she can interact with the audience and maybe even get them up to dance!

Azura is a versatile dancer who performs in a range of belly dance styles. She specializes in Oriental and Egyptian raks sharqi, including the playful shaabi, the entrancing taxim, and the beautiful baladi. She frequently performs with musicians and drummers, and enjoys joyous folkloric dances such as saidi and khaleegy. She is best known for stunning veilwork, and uses finger cymbals, cane, Isis wings, fan veils, candles, and swords. She has also performed in the American cabaret and fusion styles with Latin and pop influences.

Here is what others have said about Azura’s performances:

“I know I will always enjoy a polished, tasteful and professional performance from start to finish when I see you dance…”

“Your performance at my celebration was magical!”

For videos of Azura’s performance, check out her website!