Raq the Prairie 2022 Program

1. Moonflower – Oriental Style with Zills
(Cathy Simpson, Roxanne Rogowski, Beve Gardner)

Song: Sandrella 2
Musician/Album: Sandrella 2/Hadia 1

Moonflower is from Regina. Their members have performed in many groups and together over the years. They all love belly dance and continued with Moonflower even through Covid as a way to keep sane. They love this music and wanted to try a piece they could zill to.

2. Sofiia – Drum Solo

Sofiia recently moved from Ukraine. She has been dancing for almost her entire life. She expresses her appreciation to the RAMED community for the opportunity to perform and share her experience with other dancers. She is the choreographer of this routine.

3. Lotus – Cabaret Veil
(Amy Korbo, Anne-Marie Ursan, Cara McDavid, Valerie Brennan)

Song: Gvir Enta
Musician/Album: Massi/Ghir Enta

Lotus is a dance troupe from Moose Jaw. The four members in today’s performance have been dancing together for eight years. In the past 10 years, they have choreographed almost all of the dances they performed publicly. They learned this choreography around 2008 from Beve Gardner, who was the group’s instructor at that time. They recently revamped it to suit their current group by adding a little more variation to what started as a “beginner” choreography.

4. Lisa – Mejance

Song: El Prince (Edit)
Musician/Album: Said Bahala/World of Orient 2014

Lisa has been belly dancing since 2006. She is currently a member of Raks Azhar and Br’Issah. The biggest dance challenge for her over the past year has been working on the Belly Dance Bundle 2021, which includes workshops and lectures from many instructors around the world. Jillina, a world class dancer and choreographer, taught this delicious, energetic, challenging routine as part of the Bundle.

5. Moonflower – Veil
(Cathy Simpson, Roxanne Rogowski, Beve Gardner)
Song: Ala Baly Ya Naseny
Musician/Album: Mohamed Abdel Wahab/Ala Baly Ya Naseny

Moonflower created this choreography as a group because they wanted to present a more traditional belly dance routine.

6. Azura – Oriental

Song: Ghazala Rayah
Musician: Karim Mahmoud Abdelaziz Featuring Mohamed Osama

Azura has performed in venues across this country and elsewhere. She teaches intermediate and advanced dance classes in Regina. This song, which came out in 2021, became an instant hit and has had over seven million views. This routine is choreographed by Lebanese master instructor Pierre Haddad.

7. Ya Rayah – FatChanceBellyDance® with Sword & Zills
Marie Berwald, Kate Billett, Amanda Langman, Kelly Liberet, Sarah Ludlow, Cheyenna Mackenzie, Alisha Nugent
Song 1: Tyrfing
Musician/Album: Danheim/Munarvagr
Song 2: Eshtaktillak
Musician/Album: Petrol Bomb Samosa/Core Fitness Belly Dance Workout

This group is from Regina and perform FCBD style, while occasionally borrowing bits from other styles. Many in the troupe started about ten years ago. Some joined slightly more recently, and two joined us just this fall while their own tribes are on a break. They studied under various teachers, most recently with Kelly Liberet. These songs were chosen because they were motivating and perfect for the style of dance they’re doing.

8. Sofiia – Classical

Sofiia is excited to show you performances which she had been preparing for international dance competitions. Unfortunately, all of a sudden, on the 24th of February 2022, her plans were dashed by war in Ukraine. Now she is excited to come back on the stage and to be the part of this amazing event!

9. Nadi Harira – Cabaret
(Deidre King and Elaine Rissling)
Song: Aswan Dances
Musician/Album: M. Abdelfattah/ The Exotic Art of Bellydance

Nadi Harira is a local group which has come together through their love of this beautiful art form. They chose this high-energy piece because they enjoyed the music and appreciated the flow of the choreography. The style is a return to the type of dance they started with as a group.

10. Aschera Rose – Belly Dance Fusion with Wings

Song: Compilation of Ice Queen, Sound of Silence and Incantation
Musician/Album: Paul Dintelir, Disturbed and Cirque du Soleil

Aschera Rose has been dancing fusion for many years. She has studied with so many great and inspiring artists over the years that it is hard to list them. This song is about Death and Rebirth.

11. Raks Azhar – Sha’abi (Lebanese Pop)
(Mea Cicansky, Leah Freitag, Jolyn Bellinger, Annissa Spechko, Heather Yeske, Lisa Zurburg)
Song: Mashy Haddy
Musician/Album: Nancy Ajram/ Betfakar Fi Eih

Raks Azhar performs a range of choreographies featuring different styles and props. They are thrilled to get back together and perform in person. This song is about a woman who wakes up to realize that her man is stepping out on her. What’s she supposed to do? Well, he’d better shape up! Adapted and staged for a group routine by Azura from a solo choreography by Pierre Haddad.

The RAMED Board
(Barbara Tomporowski, Valerie Brennan, Vic Dyck, Deidre King, Roxanne Rogowski, Lisa Zurburg)

We would like to thank the following for helping make this show a reality.

Mea Ciacansky, Ethan Zurburg, Jenna Zurburg, Annissa Spechko, Morgana Turner, Jolyn Bellinger, Amanda Langman, Adrienne Germianrichards


“Vic and the Drummers of Doum”
Vic Dyck, Michael Shires, and Alisha Nugent
For providing the live music.